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School Ownership and Business

Various articles to aid you in your business
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Running a School

How to open a school for under $10.00 by Rob Broad

Internet and WebSite Related Articles:

Articles by Bob Hubbard
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In todays’ competitive business climate, getting exposure is harder than ever before. It is vital that your business have a website that will give you that exposure on the Internet.

Your new website has gone live at last! After weeks--possibly months--of labor, it’s online and it looks great. Only one problem remains: How do you get people to visit it?

When I’m talking with potential clients, I’m often asked “Why should I have a website”. This is a very good question. In this article, I will give you some information on the “Why”.

E-mail is the most popular activity on the Internet, with upwards of 90% of internet users having used it. With 63% of the US adult population on line, that opens a market comprising more than 100 million prospective clients. Successfully marketing your business by email can be done. In this article I list a select number of tips to help enhance and optimize your chances of success.

“Geek Speak” is rapidly invading the mainstream. You’ll often hear people say things like “Whats the URL” or “Do you have a domain?”. But what are they really talking about? In this article, I will explain what a Domain Name is, why you should have one, how to get it, and what to do next. To help you understand some of the “Geek Speak”, I’ve included a small dictionary of terms at the end of the article.

Ok, so you have a website. It’s live, it’s open for business but, now what do you do? One of the hardest things about having a website, is always getting it noticed and used. You will hear people talking about “search engines” and “directories” and a ton of geeky jargon, but what can you do to make your site more visible and get more visitors? Several things in fact, that don’t require a PHD in computers to understand or do.

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