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Thread: Quality equipment

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    Default Quality equipment

    Last Christmas I got a stand to hang a heavy punching bag, and a bag to go with it. I loved it.

    The bag was 100 lb Century hanging bag, with 4 chains attached from the top of the bag to a single ring to hang it from. I used it a lot, but I didn't do anything more extreme to it than a good side thrust kick.

    Unfortunately, a few months ago the chains tore off. The chains themselves and the straps that held them on are fine; it tore 4 rectangles directly out of the bag itself where the straps for the chains had attached. Not all at once, but once it had started it didn't take much to finish it.

    Has anyone else had a similar bag problem?

    Now I am looking for a replacement, but I cannot find anything that would address this issue. I have found bags that advertise a PVC shell to retain their shape, and filling that won't all settle to the bottom. I have even found bags that advertise special welding to increase the strength of the "D" and "O" rings of the chains. But it wasn't the chain itself that failed, and all of the bags I see, even "Professional Grade" kicking-bags, seem to be attached the same way.

    I had thought there might be some bags hung by cord, or something with a little more give than a chain to reduce the shock to the bag, or perhaps hangings that attach to the bag in a more thorough manner, but I have yet to find any.

    I am interested in hearing about the solutions others have found.

    Anthony Sgambellone

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    Default Re: Quality equipment

    You might check some of the Thai boxer's bags, many are made of leather and are sturdy though pricey.

    Kenpo Gary

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    Default Re: Quality equipment

    May check out Combat Sport/Ringside, or Title Products.

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