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Thread: sparring combos & techs

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    Default sparring combos & techs

    just wondering if anyone has any that they've noticed themselves doing, or have any they intentionally use.. just throwing some out there.. all mine im showing are described right handed.

    one based slightly off striking set..

    Right NB
    RH horizontal snap, then Backfist
    LH reverse punch
    RH hook

    here's one iv managed to get off a few times in a friendly match or two.. but im not to partial to use it, since it leaves the side wide open for a kick.

    Right NB
    jump switch
    Launch with the LH punch.. RH checking right side

    alternativly the left hand could be a block/trap and the right hand could be the hit, although you'd probably have to launch further.. or launching offline to 430 or 730 slightly before or after said jumpswitch, but before the launch forward.

    based off 5 Swords, again Right NB

    RH Backfist
    LH reverse punch
    RH uppercut
    LH reverse punch
    RH hook.

    not really that great working kicks into combinations with the feet yet.
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    Default Re: sparring combos & techs

    My combo's that I like alot are:

    From a left neutral bow:
    Left mid section roundhouse kick
    Left high (head) back fist
    Right mid section reverse punch
    Right mid section roundhouse kick
    Left spinning back kick

    Another is from left neutral bow:
    Right step through front thrust kick
    Right mid section roundhouse kick
    Right high (head) hook kick
    Right high (head) ridge hand

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    Default Re: sparring combos & techs

    Commonly refered to in JKD circles as Pak Sou (as I understand it anyway..may be spelled wrong) Lot's of good applications....

    Can be done from either side, I'll use the RNB for the purpose of example

    1) Execute right back knuckle
    2) Assuming it is blocked transition into a forward bow/or lunge stance executing a palm strike to the blocking arm transitioning into a pinning check (trapping)
    3) "Round the Corner" and execute another right back knuckle strike now that you've neutralized your opponents front arm.

    If they don't block the initial strike...Good! You get two hits for the price of one. You can also suffix or prefix the maneuver with a kick.
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