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Thread: Are you alive ?

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    Default Are you alive ?

    Whats up everybody, thought i would link up a couple of videos from Matt Thornton from the straight blast gym, i think they are worth a good look at, they have helped me out alot in finding more of the truth in combat .
    "Mighty power like steel is our Kata and heritage which require a long time of practice and training. It is what men are seeking, just only for their self-respect and self-defense."

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    Default Re: Are you alive ?

    i have to agree with alot of what hes saying.. i wouldnt mind training with him for a little while, im sure id learn alot..

    in short i like what this guy's saying, alot isn't often adressed in martial arts.. to me, he's leaving out some things, or im not hearing them. take it with a grain of salt, and apply what you can out of it.. so if you dont want to read a rant by someone who's (thank the Lord) never been in a violent altercation.. go ahead and skip this post...

    I think for things in terms of resistance, its for later.. newbies resisting eachothers, you're gonna have injuries. OR you have that whole "playing war" mentality we had when we were kids "i shot you!" "no you didnt".. to hit or lock someone effectively enough to make them realize you could have used enough power to stop them, while they're fighting it.. it takes alot of control, experience, and maturity on both people's parts.. to "win, and lose" graciously.

    back in "the day", traditional martial arts absolutely was the real deal. it was a way of life, and survival.. if your technique didnt work, you got killed in battle.. as modern times developed and we have laws, different ethics and morals, less need or opportunity to defend ourselves.. ways of (educated) fighting have changed.. but the sad thing is, just about anyone can go learn some way to fight these days.. young, old, male, female, etc.

    I like what he says about the drills and all... In terms of drills and techniques, we have the person actually trying to hit you.. it makes sense. you know its coming, if you get hit, it's you're fault. even if it is static, you learn to expect danger if you dont pay attention. iv also done star block against actual strikes at a decent speed. still a pattern, but why not against different punches? or parrying drills, instead of doing 5 of one, 5 of the next, why not work all, at random intervals. jab, elbow, hammer, elbow, jab, etc.

    its as real as you make it. it also teaches you to throw a real, honest attack. maybe not at full speed, but it keeps you from just extending your arm out there.. these things come later with that muscle memory established. i cant remember who said it, or where.. maybe James, lol.. but those armbars in demonstrations, they work on resisting opponents too..

    just because something works on a compliant opponent for a learning tool, doesn't mean it can't work on a resisting attacker.. it might not in the same situation. you might have to stun them first, you may have to dislodge their balance, he may pull his arm back before you can solidify a grab, in which case you might need to strike him and move to something else.

    iv never liked doing basics from a horse stance.. aside from learning HOW to do each movement, i don't see the value after maybe yellow or orange, aside from conditioning. i've worked just regular star block against the strikes with a partner, and i didnt feel like coming up with a kick for the back elbow block, so i threw up a knee... and lo and behold, my knee was stopped by that "roll the ball" hand, like in the star block set.

    this guy doesn't seem to address the importance of environment much, aside from the Gi or No Gi.... im not a ground grappler, but i can tell you, ill be escaping the guard a little different on concrete or gravel than i would on a mat... i like my skin, ill keep it if i can. circumstances dictate tactics is about the most he addressed environment.

    i think the basic thing he meant, and what iv taken with a grain of salt is.. in martial arts, all those techniques, sets, drills, etc.. they're tools. they're not the act itself. he says they're basically useless.. i say, no.. not everything happens in the "fight" stage of an altercation.. thats why there's a difference between self defense, sparring (ground and/or standup), and form.. they all serve a purpose.. someone trying to hurt me is probably going to put out a less dedicated attack if they think im going to retaliate with any kind of force.. they dont want to get hurt, and thus it becomes a fight, no longer a self defense situation. if your self defense technique, or reaction is not effective as you'd like (for whatever reason), the altercation becomes a fight, or they'll stop and leave.. they know they'll have to work for what they want.

    however i do full heartedly believe one thing iv been taught, and that is spontaneity is nothing but muscle memory.. after your responds to something, you have a choice of what to do or not to do (is it a friend, is it a cop, are they intoxicated and just trying to get their balance, do they have a weapon, do they have obvious friends around).. and thats where extemporaneous motion needs to take place. or nothing if you realize its not a threat.. not blindly start ripping, striking, etc. thats how fights, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, hurt bodies, pissed off friends, and lawsuits happen.. i knew a friend, and fellow kenpoist.. broke up a bar fight (stupid move if you have no reason to be involved), cop grabbed him on the shoulder while he was trying to separate the two. didnt say anything, didnt warn him, just grabbed him to get him to get up.. guy took the officer out (i guess automatically thinking it was someone's friend from that fight).. nothing major.. thankfully it didnt hold up in court and my friend got off on it..

    ever respond to some random incident, someone horsing around with you, or just something random happening and you freeze? muscle memory, with no extemporaneous thought. iv automatically parried someone trying to stab me with a fork (in a joking manner).. iv stopped wildly swinging doors from hitting me by checking or blocking them.. even while drunk. so there is a benefit to basics, and drills, and muscle memory.. and im positive other people have had similar things happen..
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    Only a warrior chooses pacifism; others are condemned to it." ~ Unknown
    "Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting, but never hit soft." Theodore Roosevelt

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