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Thread: The WOK works for me:

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    Lightbulb The WOK works for me:

    The Web of Knowledge (WOK) turned out to be a HUGE HELP
    in my recent Jiu-jitsu training.

    After learning various basics, I found myself thinking too much.
    I would think......
    OK I'm stuck in someone's mount which escape can I use
    I have side control, which submission can I pull off from here,

    So like any kenpoist,
    I started looking at it with a Kenpo mindset and bingo
    the Web of Knowledge popped into my head.

    I decided to use positions instead of attacks because
    that made more sense (to me).

    Here are the positions I used as Category Headings:
    • Standing (takedowns)
    • Guard
    • Back Control
    • Front Control
    • Side Control
    • Kneeride
    • Side Mount
    • Mount
    By categorizing, I'm able to practice all the
    escapes and submissions from a particular position without confusion.

    Just applying a Kenpo learning aid to a different art/style.

    Being new to Jiu-jitsu, there may be a few
    categories I haven't learned yet.
    What have I learned from this???

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    Default Re: The WOK works for me:

    I have the exact same thing. I've been doing BJJ for about three months now, and I've found that categorizing things like that is very helpful. Instead of a jumble of seemingly random techniques, things are neatly filed away where they are supposed to be. I find that this is helping me improve much more quickly.
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    Default Re: The WOK works for me:

    Same here. I've been involved with BJJ for about a year now and I can apply many concepts I've learned in Kenpo to BJJ.
    "Fear is the true opiate of combat."

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