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Thread: Affects of Different Environments

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    Default Affects of Different Environments

    So, I came across an old picture from my first Kenpo Black Belt test. It was over a 3 hour marathon of foms and techniques and was held outdoors.

    I remember noticing that the ground had a "slight" grade to it before the test started. By the time it was over, that "slight" grade seemed like the most daunting mountain! My shins, upper thighs, and lower back ached from the effort of maintaining proper posture while doing forms and executing techniques on uneven ground.

    This got me to thinking about other times I've trained outside. Me and a couple of buddies used to pad up and train in the grass, in the mud, on concrete, etc...Admittedly, not becuase we wanted to make sure we were well versed in the affects of the envirnonment on our performance, but because training space was limited! LOL.

    This does bring up an important point though. I remember those different environments DID affect all of our performance. I tell ya, you find out real quick how stable your stance is in the mud!

    Being that if you ever had to use your skills it would be more likely to occure outside the dojo than within, how often to you train in "street clothes" and in different environments?

    Try practicing on different surfaces with different weather conditions and report back here how it worked out making notes of adjustments you had to make and discoveries you made.
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    Default Re: Affects of Different Environments

    Back when I studied as a teen, our instructor INSISTED that we show up for class 2 nights a week in 'street clothes'. The class was intended as a 'street fighting with technique' foundation, and so based on that you were supposed to learn how to survive exactly that kind of situation. The 3rd night was all done in uniform, with meditation and ceremony.

    He meant it about the street clothes too...if you wore jeans and a t-shirt around town, you'd better not show up for class in sweat pants.

    We also trained in the alley behind the school on a regular basis, to get used to fighting on asphalt, uneven footing, etc...

    Now, I think that it's still a good concept, but wouldn't recommend doing that for lower belt students as a beginning. I'd consider working it into an upper belt program, as well as the normal curriculum. Once someone has gotten a good handle on the basics...THEN they can start learning to apply them in various situations/environments to expand their skills. But get the basics first.

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    Default Re: Affects of Different Environments

    We often go out into the parking lot to practice. An uneven surface makes a big difference! Wearing shoes also makes a big difference.

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    Default Re: Affects of Different Environments

    A friend of mine set up a couple of schools in Germany. In one of the schools he had a nightclub,bar setting. and the practiced self defence techniques in one room. Booths, chairs,table, and such In a small area with several people in it.. About as realistic as you can get without actually getting into a bar brawl. I thought it was a great scenereo for self defence. His name is AL D., most of you know who I am talking about. One of our Kajukenbo Great Masters. How is that for realistic enviromental training?

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    Default Re: Affects of Different Environments

    Many Silat moves are done from very deep stances as Indonesia's terrain is very uneven. I've found that to be quite applicable to New England weather

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