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Thread: Mace of aggression

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    Default Mace of aggression

    Okay so with everything going on there's a lot of videos being published online. A club I have liked on facebook (won't name names) has this junior black belt I believe doing videos of techniques. One I saw which made me question some things is made of aggression.

    now this is how I have always done this technique

    attack is a 2 hand shirt grab with the intention of pulling into a head butt.

    step forwards into them while checking the hands and step with a heel palm drop your elbow into their arms to lower their head then 2 elbows off the same arm.

    Yes that's very basic explanation I can't be bothered to write paragraphs on it.

    but the way this kid did it was different

    attack was a 2 hand push. Kid stepped back and checked the hands straight away no block then did the heel Palm and the rest rest of it.

    now of course everyone has their own interpretation but imo there was a lot of things wrong with that method.

    the 1st is stepping back and checking the pushing hands. To me that's never going to work against a forceful 2 hand push you won't get the timing and the impact of the shove will off balance you. Second the heel Palm since you are delivering it with a step back you are not getting any real power or cancellation with it. If anything it's just a check not a strike. Also one of the themes of that technique as I was taught was the idea of going with the attack e.g they're pulling you in you go with it and deliver your strike

    im not disrespecting the kid or the school but I'm asking if anyone else does it that way and if you can address the points I made and prove me wrong and tell me why that way could work. I spent a few minutes myself playing with that way and to me it felt awkward and I couldn't get a lot of power in it but that could've just been my own execution

    Again this is not as a criticisism of anyone just saying what I saw and what my thoughts on that way are. I'm more than happy to be corrected

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    Default Re: Mace of aggression

    It sounds like the guy is actually doing a completely different technique!

    And the move as described does sound a bit awkward. It would be useful to first see the video, though, in order to analyze it.

    Generally, you could say better to get a strike in while stepping back than no strike at all. There are various examples for that kind of action in the EPKK curriculum. One that comes to mind is the middle knuckle punch in Clutching Feathers. Some also do a variant of Triggered Salute with the initial step going backwards (which is easier when being pushed than stepping into the guy).

    You know, not every move has to be a potential knock-out strike. In Kenpo we differentiate between majors and minors. Maybe the heel palm in your example is meant more to distract the attacker and to buy the defender a a liitle bit of time, so he can follow up with some other stuff?

    Just as an aside, Mace of Aggression starts with a hammerfist in virtually every version I have seen so far, and not with a heel palm. First time I am hearing of this variation. But your mileage may differ.

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    Default Re: Mace of aggression

    I did make a polite enquiry in the comment section this was the comment.

    "thank you for sharing . If I may ask a question what is your reasoning for stepping back on this technique mace of aggression. From my learning we step forward on the technique so that you can cause a cancellation with the first strike that you can't really do if stepping back and I have always been taught it as a 2 handed grab and pulling you in which means you have to step forward and go with their action hence the aggression part of the techniques name. I am not criticising just wishing to understand the reasoning for an alternative method I have seen. Salut"

    but about half an hour later my comment had been deleted....go figure

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    Default Re: Mace of aggression

    I've seen/done it both ways. First move is a push, then grab/pull. Or just go straight for the pull. depending on the intent of the "ideal" phase of the attack.

    the main issue is if they're just going to shove you to grab you, it's not going to have the same force as them trying to push you out of the door or something. so stepping back, enh... not that big an issue. i mean what else would you do? fall? the problem is it's so awkward stepping back, then forward. probably better to address the situation as two different attacks.

    it would be nice if there was some clear definition of push, shove, etc to distinguish level and duration of the oncoming force.
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