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Thread: Searching for the Martial Science: Punching

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    Default Searching for the Martial Science: Punching

    Samuel-Kwok teaches Wing Chun PUNCHES P-1 - YouTube

    Basic Karate Punches: Chokuzuki - Straight punch - YouTube

    The Tai Chi Punch - YouTube

    How to Punch Harder: Training Science - YouTube

    Who has it right Wing Chun, Karate, or Tai Chi Chuan (who is the closest in your opinion and why)?
    How do you punch correctly?
    Is there one superior way?
    What additional factors need to be considered beyond bio-mechanical correctness?
    How important is generating maximum speed and power (why)?
    ~Sami Ibrahim

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    Default Re: Searching for the Martial Science: Punching

    Dan has good ideas about punching, beware though, his articles contain links to other , related articles, and you can easily spend hours reading his stuff.
    The Way of Least Resistance: Karate punches vs. boxing punches

    And I hope Doc weighs in on this thread.

    From my own experience (speaking of things other than boxing for the moemnt), I find wing chun punching theory to be limiting. They are good at the range they rain for, but I feel that power and flexibility are lacking, and they often mistakenly believe the vertical punch is the bee's knees, while I feel, and was taught by Doc, and my old instructor in a less defined way, that it's just one stage of a complete punching action, dependent on what range you're at.

    My own punching theories and execution are informed by hard-style karate, peppered with some primitive, in my case, Tai Chi Chuan principles, my old instructor teaches as part of the process.
    And lately, of course, by Doc's teachings.
    I think speed and power are important, but you will get fast and strong just fine as long as you practice correct structure and mechanics. Targeting correctly is more important...or at least as important as power. And speed? Speed is fine. Accuracy is final....
    "To be, rather than to seem"

    "Fix your rear foot ... What the hell is wrong with you?"

    "...I already watched the videos, and quite frankly, they're bullsh*t."

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