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Thread: Workout advice anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesensei
    How advisable is it to work with free weights without a spotter?
    When I was weight lifting earlier in life. All I did was train alone. No spotter ever. There wasn't too many people around in my neck of the woods. Anyhow, I read an article a year or so ago written by Ronnie Coleman. He prefers to always train alone w/o a spotter. The reason behind it is that he said he had to respect the weight and push only as much as he could handle. He also said with a spotter ego comes into play by trying to push more and more weight around. With the amount of weight he can push he could have injured himself by slapping more weight on.

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    Default Re: Workout advice anyone?

    Hey, good thoughts. That's probably very true, and it makes me much more comfortable about trying it. So, tomorrow morning....thanks for the advice!


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