Hi folks!
I was fortunate to recently attend Frank Trejo's New Jersey/Pennsylvania tour. It was a great series of seminars!
I'd like to thank Les Kiersnowski,Sharon Adams,Dennis Nackord,Patrick Fulmer & Dave Medina for their kindness. It was a great time and I got to meet some people that I knew from the web!
I was fortunate enough to be able to film the majority of the the seminars & demonstration. I am now offering copies of each seminar for purchase. If you were at any of these events,you can now have a copy of your respective event or the entire tour! Please feel free to contact me regarding the DVDs!
Email me at kenpojoe@aol.com.
Also, check out Mr. Trejo's "ABC's of Motion" series & "the 10 master key techniques of kenpo" available through Master's Magazine. I've also finished the "Kenpo Explosive Hand Drills" DVD for him and it's also available through lotus video productions and will be featured on Mr. Trejo's website as well!