Hey everyone,

Since I'm posting again I want to post this letter from my instructor and current reigning World Champion, Brian Duffy about the US Kempo Team. Please contact him as per the instructions below if you would like to support or join the Team. Thank you.

I wasn't sure this was the right place to post this News and Event but it may be too late to join the team for anyone who doesn't already have a passport anyway.

"Dear Friends,

Members of the American Kenpo Federation have once again been invited to be part of the US KEMPO TEAM competing at the 2008 World Kempo Championships in Faro, Portugal, April 1 – 6. Last year, through the donations many of you were kind enough to give, we were able to send 2 athletes to the 2007 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. We wish to again thank those of you who were kind enough to help us. This year there are 5 athletes from our group who would like to compete. For information on how you can help go to www.akfkenpo.com/kenpo_team.htm.

Anyone interested in being part of the US KEMPO TEAM please see the attached letter for contact information.

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.

Brian Duffy
American Kenpo Federation"

Calling All
Final selections are being made for the
to compete at the International Kempo Federation’s 2008 World Kempo Championships
in Faro, Portugal, April 1 – 6, 2008
Competitors of ANY Kenpo/Kempo lineage are eligible for the team including Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, American, etc.
Final selection of all team members must be made by March 1, 2008. So if the chance to represent the United States in a truly international event based on the Olympic model appeals to you, please contact US KEMPO TEAM Captain –
Sensei Robert Zingg
(304) 725-3639

Can’t go yourself…but would like to help?
Go to www.akfkenpo.com/kenpo_team.htm for information on how you can help support the

Thank You!