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Thread: Ed Parker Jr. seeks the aid of the Kenpo Community

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    Default Ed Parker Jr. seeks the aid of the Kenpo Community

    Ed posted a plea for aid on KenpoNet, and as a courtesy to the community I'm mirroring it here.

    Original Thread
    Emergency call for AID

    November 3 2005 at 2:00 PM Ed Parker Jr. Ed Parker Jr. (Login EdParkerJr)
    from IP address


    A dear frined of mine, Sean Kelley was caught up with hurricane Wilma, that hit south Florida this past week. His trailer home was badly damaged and he and his daughter have been homeless for the past week.

    I know that he is a proud man and does not like to ask for help, but I have known this man for many years and I am aware of his current situation. I was in south florida during Wilma as well so I am aware of things first hand. It is my intent to do what I can for him. I know that he has helped so many over the years in this community and I feel that now is the time to repay the favors.

    So I am asking for this community to come to the aid of a fellow kenpo brother. I am currently accepting donations of $100 or greater if possible, if not anything will do I am sure. You may make contact either through my email or by calling my offices at 626 577 4114. I can accept credit crads so that is an option.

    I would appreciate any assitance that can be offered.

    Thank you greatly,

    Ed Parker
    626 577 4114
    EPAKS, Inc.
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    Exclamation Re: Ed Parker Jr. seeks the aid of the Kenpo Community

    Sean Kelley is a good friend of mine and has done so much for the Kenpo world. Let's help our brother in his time of need.

    Jamie Seabrook

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    Unhappy Re: Ed Parker Jr. seeks the aid of the Kenpo Community

    Sorry to hear that. Will send what I can on PayDay.
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    Default Re: Ed Parker Jr. seeks the aid of the Kenpo Community

    I know that as of Friday, EPj was at Sean Kelley's
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