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Thread: Kenpo in the Carolinas - March 18th

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    Default Kenpo in the Carolinas - March 18th

    Just one more week for Kenpo in the Carolina, hosted by IKCA Black Belt Bill Parsons and featuring GM Vic Le Roux. March 18th is the date and there is still some space open for more people. We don't get to many Senior kenpoists in North Carolina, this is a great opportunity!

    Topics covered:

    Kenpo Basics: Where it all begins and ends
    Kenpo Zoning: Controlling your attacker in every direction
    Kenpo Hand Checks: Why your hands should never be idle
    Kenpo Leg Checks: Self Defense from the ground up
    Kenpo Trapping: When, Where and How

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    Default Re: Kenpo in the Carolinas - March 18th

    I hope everyone has a great time atthis event. After watching all the IKCA tapes, I know that everyone in attendance will come a way with lots of great ideas.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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