We have a tremendous line up of great instructors for April 8th at our school BWKS 1125 Victoria Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627 949 6450337

Kraiguar Smith has over 40 years of teaching experience. He has trained with, fought, and defeated some of the greatest professional tournament fighters in the world. Benny Urquidez, Byong Yu, "Monster Man" Everett Eddie, Burnis White, Cecil Peoples, Dana Goodman, Bob White, Howard Jackson, John Natividad, Marvelous Hagler and Roberto Duran to name a few, who are legends. Mr. Smith has won hundreds of tournament competitions as an Amateur and Professional, winning 21 Grand Champion titles, 13 International Champion titles and 5 USA World Champion titles. He is a certified and credentialed teacher in his area of expertise in the Nation and has received numerous awards from City and State officials for work in the community. He has worked for and with many high profile clients to insure their security and safety. Professor Angela Davis, Ms. Rosa Parks, Dr. Dorothy Height, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Hugh Hefner, George Maloof, Gavin Maloof, Joe Maloof, Kelly Clarkson, Darius McCrary, Criss Angel, Hulk Hogan, Ben Roethlisberger and many others. Sifu Marty Zaninovich has provided instruction and mentoring for over 39 years to a variety of Martial Artists including: law enforcement personnel, University students/athletes, and business professionals, as well as children and adolescents. Mr. Zaninovich shares his passion with others in a spirited and energized way while teaching the Kenpo System and a blend of cutting-edge Filipino and other arts to enhance the mind-body-and-spirit experience. The focus is always on supporting the development of the studentís whole being, whether instructing privately or in a group. He is a 9th Dan in Ed Parkerís KENPO and a Certified Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts, Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD and Silat.

Mr. Paul Dye began his Kenpo career in 1972 under the instructor of Mr. Hebler and Mr. Jim Thompson. He reached the rank of Black Belt was soon achieved in mid 1974 at Ed Parkerís Studio in Pasadena. Mr. Dye has instructed 5 full generations of Black Belts in and he is currently working on Generation 6!! He has had the fortunate experience of sharing Kenpo Karate in 8 different countries and in over 20 states in the U.S. He has been inducted into the Masterís Hall of Fame, the Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame and the Martial Artists for Christ Hall of Fame. He is currently the captain of the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate Dream Team which has put on numerous demonstrations for entertainment and provided education in seminars for various charities. During the last decade he has supported Mr. and Mrs. White in efforts to raise money for the Royal Family Kids. With 45 years of teaching experience in Kenpo Karate, Mr. Dye has seen the system evolve into its present state. It is his desire to share his extensive knowledge of Kenpo with other generations so it is not forgotten and to demonstrate this evolution with the focus, athleticism, and intensity that is his trademark.

Mr. Tommy Wish has been training in Hawaiian Kenpo since 1976 and is a 6th degree Black Belt under Joe Rosas. During this period he complemented his martial arts training with boxing, and fought regularly in the amateur arena.
Mr. Wish taught Kenpo from 1984 to 2008 at his studio, Tommyís Gym, in Costa Mesa. He has since mentored and trained many international karate champions as well as professional boxers and UFC fighters.
Mr. Wish now trains fighters and fitness clients out of Tomacell Academy in Costa Mesa. Mr. Wish is recognized for his passion, his expertise, and his desire to share his knowledge with others, and most certainly when it is for a worthy cause, such as Royal Family Kids.
Mr. Mike Pombiero comes to us with over 30 years of martial arts experience. He holds 5th degree Black Belts in both American Kenpo and Chinese Kenpo. Mike has won almost every major tournament nationally and internationally and has fought against competitors from over 20 countries. He has been inducted into Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame for "Competitor of the Year". He is a 2 time NASKA champion and a 3 time NBL World Champion. Mike is also a WAKO gold medalist for team USA. Mike was also a member of Team Paul Mitchell which won numerous World Champion titles. Mike is available for private lessons.