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Thread: my martial arts anniversary/ brithday

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    Default my martial arts anniversary/ brithday

    hi to all members, this is sifu bernard(scorpio)strickland, from birmingham,alabama and today is my brithday, i,m 61 yrs.old today-6-20-2013, and is also my 46 yrs. in the martial arts also. a few months ago i was told that i was dieing from my "kidneys". last yr. sept.13 2012 i had to have "prostate surgery" and my doctor had to use this new "davinci robot machine" which damage most of my "organs" useing a laser . both of my kidney doctor told me & my wife, that they wasn,t going to live long enough, to be put on "dialysis" list. so right now i,m puting all of my faith, into my "lord" and i,m hopeing that the good lord will see me though. i hope to see another yr. so all my kenpo members, to keep me in there " though and mind" sincerely sifu scorpio

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    Default my martial arts anniversary/ brithday

    Take care sir. I look forward to seeing you post on your next birthday!
    Be careful what you say, some may take it the wrong way.

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    Default Re: my martial arts anniversary/ brithday

    Happy birthday, i hope and pray you have many more
    Tradition is not about the preservation of the ashes, but about keeping the flame alive

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