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Thread: Elements of Effective Coaching

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    Default Elements of Effective Coaching

    The price of the DVD Elements of Effective Coaching will remain $30 until the end of May. At that point the DVD will be the same as our Purpose Driven Journey to Success DVD which sells for $50. This gives people that are serious about improving their coaching skills the opportunity to invest in their teaching at a reduced price. I want to thank all of you that have posted your thoughts on the DVD and I hope it continues to be something you value.
    Orders can be placed at

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    Default Re: Elements of Effective Coaching

    These are some of the notes I used in preparation of the DVD
    1. Think of all of the attributes of the material you teach and write it down
    2. Use the Four P’s
    a. Planning
    b. Preparation
    c. Practice
    d. Performance
    3. Create an atmosphere of respect and discipline
    4. Find out how your student learns
    5. Don’t sit down or lean on anything while teaching
    6. Teach and give reward for change
    7. Read “Wooden on Leadership”, by John Wooden and Steve Jamison
    8. Read “Choosing Civility”, by P.M. Forni
    9. Read “Real Fighting” by Peyton Quinn
    10. Read and encourage your students to read “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker
    11. Remember that honesty without compassion is cruelty.
    12. EGO is an acronym for Edging God Out
    13. Remember we can learn from everyone. Watch others teach and borrow successful methods
    14. Explain how respect is earned by hard work and an attitude of being in service.
    15. Create a culture of coaching by being in service and leading by example
    16. Third party praise is encouraged
    17. Create a sense of environment but have fun
    18. Don’t mistake activity for achievement
    19. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.
    20. Explain to your students what the word “Do” means.
    21. Do constant and complete inventories on your classes and refine.
    22. Constantly remind your students that they are part of a team
    23. Encourage students to ask questions outside of scheduled classes
    24. Learn your students name and repeat it often
    25. Know the Four Laws of Learning a. explanantion
    b. demonstraion
    c. imitation
    d. repetition

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    Default Re: Elements of Effective Coaching

    These are 2 of the great responses I have received about the DVD. Thanks for taking the time to write;
    Hello Mr White,

    I received the DVD and International Journey the other day, so thank you for that.

    After viewing your DVD, I must say that it is one of the best bits of information given ever. Not only is this for Kenpo, I will be using the principles in there for my other business which is in commercial cleaning.

    My wife who is a Primary school Teacher and a Yoga Teacher also got alot of information out of it.

    I just wanted to say Thank You as this has inspired me in so many ways.


    Dane Barbour
    Melbourne Kenpo Karate Concepts

    I came home from work today and found my copy had arrived. I watched
    the DVD through once and immediately hit menu and rewatched the entire
    DVD again.

    Some of the material you covered I have been the beneficiary of
    receiving in leadership courses through my employer, Verizon Wireless.
    The majority of the material however, was presented in a new context
    or totally new to me - and the manner in which you presented it was
    intriguing and forced me to immediately decide to implement several of
    the suggestions. I have no doubt that future rewatching will enable me
    to be a better student and a better teacher for my students.

    I run a self defense school in Salinas, CA, which is geared completely
    towards self defense skill sets, and all of my Instructor Corps have
    mandated continuing education requirements as part of their teaching

    I found your DVD to be an incredible resource on leadership and
    coaching, and I am writing you this letter to humbly ask your
    permission to make this DVD part of the required curriculum for all
    Instructors at my school. The manner in which you presented the
    material was concise and intriguing and I have no doubt that anyone
    who watches the DVD will benefit. At my own school, I can immediately
    see benefit to the implementation of several of your suggestions.
    Steve Zalazowski

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