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Thread: Have you heard about the kenpo Nunchuck?

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    Default Re: Have you heard about the kenpo Nunchuck?

    Quote Originally Posted by oldslowguy View Post
    Why chucks? Seems like I would want to teach something more practable or something you'd be more likely to encounter or something to improvise with.

    Unless your focus is on $$ or competition training.
    I think there are two more important points to training with chucks that you didn't mention.

    1) They are fun . . . might not be the most practical for self-defense especially considering some of the restrictive laws around them, but they are fun to train with. And sometimes, having fun is all that you need to add them to your training

    2) The teach some interesting principles and techniques. Anytime one works with a weapon, it has to become an extension of the self and the natural weapons. Most straight weapons (stick, knife, staff, etc.) are fairly simple to control because they are static weapons. When you add in the dynamics of a loose weapon like nunchakus, rope chain, three-section staff, etc., you have to control things in a completely different manner. Coordination and skill development in controlling a weapon (static or loose) is a great tool to learn to control your body more effectively, and can help teach you to control another extension of your body - your opponent. I personally like working with some of the loose weapons because the circular recovery techniques are very similar to some important Kenpo ideas as well.

    More practical weapons? Yes, but as a whole, I don't train to an expert level in any weapon because I do consider it wasteful in the overall scheme of self-defense training. (Chance of me having a weapon in a situation versus learning to improvise with a variety if needed) However, becoming mildly proficient at weapons can be fun and produce some interesting connections for coordination, manipulation, and control of myself, the weapon and by extension, my opponent. Also, the more well-rounded one is, the better the chance of successful improvisation with "real world" weapons.
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    Default Re: Have you heard about the Kenpo Nunchuck Form?

    yes i performed nunchaku kata at few tournaments nice aggressive follow through i placed before some of my elder classmates as well as my older brother and though i do not recall the kata title

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