The Yellow Emperor's classic on Winter
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The Huang Ti Neijing Suwen or Yellow emperor's classic on questions of nature is one of the oldest treaties of Chinese medicine and Taoism. Though the book is used in T.C.M. the modern Taoist or those interested will find the work written for them as well.
Here we will be discussing how the Truth of the Golden chamber as well as the chapter known as The art of life thru the four seasons can help us in our quest for culivation. In this we will be focusing on the month ahead Winter. Winter is a time in which nature hides itself closes its pedals withers and hibernates. Things become frozen and snow falls. The cold is a Yin trait. So in this month Yin dominates over Yang. Summer being more Yang dominates over Yin. The relationship between Yang and yin can be seen in the Kidneys and Heart. Kidneys are realted to this Yin season while The Heart is realted to the Summer. In Alchemical symbolism Kan(water) and Li(fire) can represent the importance of Yin and Yang as well as the importance of balance between water and fire(Kidneys,Heart)
The Yellow emperor suggest to keep to the Yang in this season meaning do conserve your energy. By sleeping early do we hibernate like the bears but also do we keep are Jing and Qi intact from not being over stress and being affected by the cold. By keeping Jing in the Ming men do we not let is escape out thru stress and out thru the Ming men. By getting up with the sun do we absorb its Yang energy here again are we combing Yin and Yang to unite.
This simple advice goes with the Tao of right living with nature.
The Yellow emperor goes on to say sexual desire should be kept under control which depletes Jing and causing one to be ill.
The mind should be quite as in mediation to keep to the Yang. The Winter months are about conserving where other months one can project energy such as spring and summer. In the Truth of the Golden chamber Qi bo says" Winter is realted to the element of water, its direction is North. Its planet is Mercury and Pig and Beans are the animal are grain realted to it. The color black and the taste of salty as well as the smell of rotten are related. The Zang(Yin) organ is the Kidneys were the Fu(Yang) is the Bladder.
The sex glands are realted to this element hence somtimes the testes are called external kidneys. The marrow is also realted as well as fear and shivering hence the term "He was so scared his bones were shivering" as you can see they knew this over 2,000 yrs ago. The spirit for the element is Zhi or will sometimes will power.
From this basic model did the Taoist of the hygiene schools come up with herbs and Daoyin or Qigong exercises to cultivate and use the elements to their advantage for Spiritual development.
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