Us old Seniors have our heros too. We do not think of high Degrees or Belt levels, Just those we admire and respect,who have contributed so Much to Kenpo.

Do you ever wonder who us seniors Regard and highly respect? Yes we have our Heros too. A few of mine are right here on KenpoTalk. They answer peoples questions and help people every day. Here are some of mine in no particular order. They are all great.

I have a great respect for "DOC" Chapell. He is ever so patient with some of us that don't always grasp everything right away. He keeps working on us until we finally get it. Thanks for your Patience "DOC". If we all listen to you our Kenpo will be a lot better. He is a believer in Good Basics. That is the Key to it. You can bet he will stay on you to improve them. Thank you "DOC" !!!

I have enjoyed the posts of Dr.John La Tourrette. I am always looking forward to them. He has a wealth of information to impart. He like myself has "Old School" thinking and values. That is probably why we get along well. There is a lot to be learned from him. Take advantage of it. Even if you don't always agree with him ,read what he says. He does know how to run a succesful school. Listen to him and you might learn something and also have a successful school. THANK YOU DR. JOHN.KEEP IT UP

Dan Farmer (Sigung 86) is certainly high on my list. We have corresponded a lot and exchanged ideas. He is always looking for ways to improve his teaching methods. He has changed the way several things are now being taught in his school and I am looking forward the see the results of that. I really enjoy corresponding with him. Through KenpoTalk we have become good friends. THANK YOU DAN FOR BEING MY FRIEND!!

What about Jamie Seabrook. He is certainly showing all the signs of leadership. In a few years we will all be bowing to him. I bow to you now.

I had a great surprise to get a personal message from Grandmaster Sam Kuoha of Kara Ho. He is as his followers have always said. A great Teacher and a warm Caring Master that cares a lot for all his people. He frequently after class cooks for everyone and puts on a Luau feast for them. He is revered by his people. This is the kind of things I like to hear about the "Great Ones". Thanks Jamie Gibson for all the insight about Kara Ho Kenpo and Grandmaster Kuhoa.

I know there are a lot of you on KenpoTalk that I do not yet know that also show great wisdom and leadership. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Keep up the good work and keep giving your sound advise. We both need and appreciate it.

There are many Great Masters out there that do not seek fame or noteriety. You probably haven't heard of them. They don't tell you how great they are. They just continue year after year to teach and improve Kenpo. I could name a lot of them ,but they wouldn't want to be spotlighted. They are happy doing their thing.TEACHING GOOD KENPO.
My highest regards to all of you trully unsung Heros. There a lot more of you than the famous ones.

I am Most Respectfully,