The Afrikan Martial Sciences.... Behind the Hologram!
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This is a copy of a response I sent to a young man on Myspace who wanted me to explain - Afrikan Martial Arts! Now I know this is a mini-version of "War and Peace" but in order to be clear - I have to write a "second dissertation"

I appreciate all history and I don’t believe that one is better than the other... Without a doubt most martial sciences resemble each other....

The Ishango Bone (found in 1960) was dated from 25,000 BCE and the first true human remains were found in Afrika - a woman!
Since the arrival of the television set though, the presentation of martial arts into modern society has leaned toward the Asian arts.

Now with the introduction of the internet - Afrika - is being acknowledged as the birthplace of civilization including the martial combative arts. These fighting systems were akin to our modern ground, boxing, & gymnastic techniques. Our 21st century society is slowly becoming familiar with the Afrikan fighting arts such as Zuar, Testa, Kalinda, Zula Impi and Dula Meketa.

According to scientific timelines - the first widely recognized Afrikan civilization - complete with science, mathematics, history, medicine, art, dance, x-ray machines, calendars, irrigation systems, surgery, university, anatomy and believe it or not ...martial arts...was Nubia (5500 BCE). King Taharka (712 -657 BCE) was just one of the military geniuses of the Empire of Nubia - which translates to – Land of the Bow. His expert fighting systems (Archery, Nubian Wrestling, Stick Fighting) earned him a place of honor in the Bible for fighting as an alley of the Hebrews (2Kings 19:9 & Isaiah 37:9)

Next was Kemet (4500 BCE) renamed “Egypt” by the Greeks who believed they “discovered” them…lol Amazing though how people have just forgotten all about Nubia…. For example, Cleopatra’s Mother was coal Black Nubian.

According to scientific timelines the Chinese Civilization (4000 BCE) has had the lion dance as part of their culture for millenniums... But lions do not originate in China... It should be noted also that Mali (country in Afrika) has the largest Tibetan population outside of the country of Tibet.

The war arts of the Japanese civilization (700 CE) were better known since they had the most diplomatic contact with the Western Societies. And there is a Japanese proverb in a Japanese temple that says: "In order to be a Samurai - one must have a bit of Black Blood".

Afrikan cultures were established in 10,000 BCE! Imagine an equation... Historical antiquity is very much an interactive kaleidoscope of story, traditions and facts. As we both know physical travel was the only source of communication between cultures and going from one country to the next could span seasons. During that time any number of events (plague, small battles, marriage, birth, and death) could change the leadership thus the entire scope of the mission. So those countries that were the closest in geography were also the closest in culture. Specifically I am referring to Coastal areas of Northern Afrika in relation to Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Now do not even think that it was an “all male party” in Afrika in the martial arts. Afrikan women warriors are seriously recognized. In ancient time - the Candaces (Queens) of Ethiopia (Kush) have stood as a symbol of warriorship throughout time protecting their country. For example: (Quote – Google Search – “When Alexander reached Kemet (Ancient Egypt) in 332 B.C., on his world conquering rampage. But one of the greatest generals of the ancient world was also the Empress of Ethiopia. This formidable Black Queen Candace was world famous as a military tactician & field commander. Alexander could not entertain even the possibility of having his world fame and unbroken chain of victories marred by risking a defeat, at last, by a woman. He halted his armies at the borders of Ethiopia and did not invade to meet the waiting Black armies with their Queen in personal command.”

The prowess of the Afrikan female warrior can also be documented through the stick fighting of the Ashanti women during battle. And of course the French who were struck with fear when confronted by the Dahomey All Female Regiments. The metal weapons of these women were attached to a rope and were used to decapitate. Then Queen Zenobia who was consistently victorious over the Roman Battle machines. So much so they made her a “consultant” after her capture.

There are no such women as Amazons… Just really dedicated female tacticians to the war arts in Afrika. These were the women who sparked the Amazon female legends. Here’s a question: If the Amazon River is in South America why are there no stories of warrior women during antiquity from there? Did the Greeks have an experience (heart to stone with fear) with Afrikan Women who wore “dread locks” thus the story of Medusa?

Continuing on our historical journey I wish to introduce Hannibal (247-182 BCE of Carthage). Hannibal the great military genius was Monarch of Carthage - which makes Hannibal an Afrikan War Superstar! He ruled Carthage (now Tunisia) which was in Northern AFrika. He was a Black Man, a Moor, a General and a royal pain in the ass to the Roman Empire (500 – 375 BCE). His military strategies even today are alive and well in use by the Pentagon. He outwitted the Roman military machine especially with those elephants over the Alps. Yet as during the travels of the Moors to Portugal and Spain many items were brought to those cultures.

The Hebrew culture has given the Afrikan culture their props throughout history especially with the great union of Solomon and Queen Makeda of Ethiopia (Sheba) also in the Bible (Song of Solomon) Compare the scientific facts that the first civilizations that were established in Afrika (Kemet, Nubia, Kush and Ethiopia) were the most interactive with the Middle Eastern empires - Persia & Babylon - especially in war.

Now lets’ get into the meat of the story about Alexander of Macedonia/Greece (356-323 BCE) and his dear buddy Aristotle (384-324 BCE). This dynamic duo traveled to Alexandria, Kemet and spent a great deal of time collecting information on EVERYTHING….. Math, Science, Medicine, History, Military hand to hand. They translated into Greek the information (Aesop was a composite person - It is the Greek version of the Afrikan culture keeper Luqman. The word "Griot" is another term for a storyteller) This information was then absorbed into the Greek culture including the 42 laws of Maat from Kemet. So by the time Plato (350 BCE) got the “word” 20 years later – the fact that the information was found in Kemet was erased.

Throughout history, Afrikans have been venerated for their martial prowess. For example, in Japan, there is Tieguai, “the Iron Staff Immortal” one of the venerated 9 of Taoism and from the medieval era there was the “Black Knight” Saint Maurice, canonized by the Catholic Church for his honor on and off the battlefield.

The Great Zulu Nation under the leadership of Shaka kept the British at bay for generations. And certain tribes were not to be captured. Slave traders banned the Ibo tribe from their ships. Ibo warriors would chew off bonds into their flesh to free themselves then would lunge over board with a captor in their grip.

Queen Nzingha ( (where the word "ginga" comes from) was monarch and general of her country of Angola until she was 63 years wise. She really pissed the Portuguese off by keeping them out of her country for 3 decades. The Portuguese were the first slave traders in AFrika and South America. Their brutal treatment of natives is legendary and gave other countries the green light to enslave these cultures. Because of the slave trade also known as the “Diaspora” Afrikan fighting arts such as Palo lay dormant.

But in Brazil the grandchild of the Angolan system was absorbed into the culture. Capoeira comes from the great AFrikan country of Angola. One tradition has capoeira, named for the slave quarters – capoeiras. Even now visitors to the country of Angola in Afrika can witness young men twirling expertly as they perform the “ngolo” while the “village healing circle” (roda in Capoeira terminology) pulsates around the participants chanting the “num” - the song from God. Even the modern day capoeira has the two very distinct styles: Angolan and Haitian. No mention of Portugal here!!!

And just for the record the great-grandchild of these challenge arts is making history after its appearance in the 1970’s. It was the Black youth who brought the techniques to the general population in the Boogie Down Bronx with the Puerto Rican youth who took it to the “ground”. “Fever and Spy” were some on the first Black Breakers and “Patch” was one of the first Puerto Rican Stylist. The first “Breaking Crews” were NYC Breakers, Sal Soul Crew, TDD Crew Rock City Crew, Young City Boys and The Dynamic Rockers.

This became the ultimate challenge activity almost eliminating violent gang encounters in many urban cities during the 1980’s. As like a Zulu warrior, a breaker could be expelled for misusing their skills. By 1982 (now christened “Break Dancing” by the media), the highly developed dance had spread across the US. But with the easy accessibility of the “Hand Gun Virus” and the emergence of films that encourage the “liquidation” rather than the “neutralization” of your opponent - this challenge art form again went into hibernation. Now in the 21st century it is making a strong comeback in the film industry and on the dance scene with versions such as - "krunk'ng".

I have spent a great deal of time reading literature from many cultures and being exposed to my own especially. Sadly in our country no one mentions anything of the AFrikan culture prior to slavery in the common public history books.

Therefore our society thinks that Black people had no idea of civilization and the components thereof like martial arts…. Unfortunately it was the scourge of slavery through the Willie Lynch indoctrination that limited the Afrikan fighting arts in the Americas. Sadly one of the remaining styles is called Jail House Rock which appeared during this genocide time period that is still in use today.

Here is a quote to chew on:

“Colonialism is not satisfied merely with hiding a people in its grip and emptying the natives’ brain of all form and content. By a kind of perverted logic, it turns to the past of the oppressed people, and distorts, disfigures and destroys it.” (P. 37)
-Frantz Fanon, On National Culture Colonial Discourse and Post –Colonial Theory.

Many times what I practice is ridiculed because of the ignorance of the other person and their laziness not to take the time to research – their mind is closed from “FEAR” that the information is right. No one likes to discover that what they have been taught all their lives is not true. Kinda shakes ones mental foundation about life.

The type of fighting arts I am displaying in my video with the dagger is from Kemet (4500 BCE) a preferred weapon of women. In fact in the movie “The Mummy - Part II - the fight scene in Pharaoh’s chamber between his daughter and lover is fairly acceptable. But my self-defense video is strictly a North Philly system called , “Urban Street Kick Ass”.

As you can see from the myspace page I have had the blessing of networking and being mentored by some of the greatest martial scientists ever. Personally my direct skills come from Afrikan Brothers who are pioneers in Afrikan martial sciences here in the states and from Elders from the continent of AFrika.

For a moment I will leap away from the original topic of AFrikan martial arts… demonstrate how those in “power” have hidden so much history away. My bi-racial background afforded me the blessing to know my paternal culture of Judaism very clearly and remembering the pain of the Holocaust. Building on this passion to never forget your “roots” I have searched out my Black Heritage. There have been AFrikan Popes, a Black (Moorish) American President of the United States, whose stories are seldom told and the list is endless…. Fascinating how the Jewish and Black Communities share the word "ghetto" which means a low class place to live.

The media ......can artfully manipulate visual images and words in a controlled setting as a way to alter or deconstruct historical human occurrences. I mean look how Cleopatra was depicted on the HBO series "Rome" - completely Caucasian and not shown to be the "classical linguist" that she was known for as a diplomat. She was shown only to be a sex crazed female. Just like Imhotep was shown to be a monster in the movie the Mummy.

It is very simple... If the Wolf in the story "Little Red Riding Hood" had a better publicist then public opinion of him would have been better.

I have studied 37 Afrikan martial science systems – that does not even scratch the surface as AFrika is over 47, 000 years old.

“One who does not know him/herself, having never tested him/herself or their limitations does not know what they can do. The “First Law of Knowledge” states that knowledge multiplies when shared.”

I am a tactician! I am not a pugilist who needs to battle to the death in a cage to prove my worth as a warrior. (besides it is not covered by my

I have traveled and trained internationally with people who wouldn’t have the slightest idea what a DVD is let alone the Ultimate Fighting Challenge… But I guarantee they will amaze you with techniques that would be deemed “aggravated assault with intent to kill” without breaking a sweat.

I am a 53 year old domestic abuse survivor – who searched out warrior men to teach me how to survive - mentors and instructors - pioneers in the martial arts - this includes jail house rock… But how and why I studied that system is a story for another time….lol

So I hope this helps.... Truth is difficult to deal with and I am just the messenger. Yes I have concerns with this information being hidden for so long. Why it is that South Americans, Afrikans, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Alaska Inuit, Hawaiians and East Indians are only shown as natives running around naked waiting for Tarzan figures to swing in and save them... I mean if they remake "King Kong" just one more time I will just scream! ......LOL

These peoples had mighty warriors and monarchs who developed martial sciences just as efficient as the systems that get top billing in the media. Their stories are never told.... Could it have to do with fear if the truth does get out would people begin to train in the arts of their culture?

Final Thoughts....

The Afrikan Discipline Sciences is not just wearing Red, Black and Green colors on a uniform. It is being immersed in the history and culture of civilizations that gave knowledge to the world. I admire and value all styles of the martial sciences and give humble respect to those men who so graciously shared their knowledge with a female who had absolutely no idea about self-preservation. I, in turn, will always share with those who need as I needed to discover my own sovereignty.

"Gyneme" (Fear Nothing or No One But The Creator)
An Adrinka Symbol from the Ashanti Tribe
Iya Jamala

PS: I have posted some new pictures about Afrikan Martial Arts also!

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