To Be Qualified For Publishing on Our Site, Your Article:



* MUST BE informative and share your unique expertise. Include tips, strategies, techniques, case-studies, analysis, opinions and commentary in your articles.

* MUST NOT be a press release, advertisement, sales letter, promotional copy, or blatant and excessive self-promotion or hype.

* MUST HAVE proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. While we know there is a variation in what is considered "proper English," we ask that you at least be consistent within your article. Your article must also be proofed and double checked for accuracy. If English is your second language -- we strongly suggest that you have it proofed by someone who has English as their native tongue before submitting your articles to us.

* SIMPLE PUNCTUATION RULES: One or two spaces after each period, colon, or semi-colon; Periods should be inside of quotes; When doing "..." -- you should use only 3 dots minimum and maximum; When using dashes, use two in a row, ex: "--"; There is never a space BEFORE a period or BEFORE a comma.

* MUST NOT contain pornography/adult material, hate or violence-oriented, suggest racial intolerance, advocate against any individual, have insulting-obscene-degrading tone, or contain excess profanity.

* MUST NOT contain information on: hacking/cracking content, auto-surf program advocacy or promotion, bomb creation, support for terrorism/ radicalism/ religious fanaticism, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, steroid use or advocacy, or the promotion of hard alcohol/tobacco-related products or prescription drugs.

* MUST NOT contain any content that is a violation of any law, be considered defamatory, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

* MUST NOT be a submission of the exact same article as one that you already submitted.

* MUST NOT be a reply to a personal email, letter or other correspondence.

Article Guildelines:
* Please do not use all CAPS for your title. Normal Title Case is Prefered.
* Single Punctuation Only. Don't add ??? or !!! or similar.

Author Name
# Your AUTHOR NAME must have a First name and a Last name.
# We do allow "First name - Last initial" or "First initial - Last Name."
# We do not allow two initials for your AUTHOR NAME.
# Your First and Last name must begin with a Capital Letter.
# We do not allow company names to be your AUTHOR NAME.
# We do not allow email addresses to be your AUTHOR NAME.
# We do not allow adjectives or nouns or descriptors to be part of your AUTHOR NAME.
# You may NOT include your title after your AUTHOR NAME unless you hold a doctorate-level degree (Dr., MD, DDS, PhD, etc.)
# We do not allow religious titles before or after your name.
# If the article is writen by more than 1 person, please list the co-authors name seperated by commas after the posters name.

We allow a maximum of 3 "Self-Serving" Links/URLs, active or inactive, in your article. A "Self-Serving" Link/URL is a link/URL to a website that you own, control or have an interest in.

Whenever possible, please try to confine your self-serving links to your RESOURCE BOX.

There is a total active link limit of (6) active links per article, i.e.: A maximum of (3) "Self-Serving" active links that you have a relationship with and a maximum of (3) active non-self serving links.

Author Byline / Resource Box:
You are allowed to add an "About the Author" section at the bottom.
This section can contain a maximum of -3- links to other site, and can describe your qualifications, interests and such. It is not for "hard sell" or "ad copy".

Ownership and Licencing
# Ownership of the articles remains yours, however you grant us a non-revolvable and perpetual license to display it on the KenpoTalk site.
# Copyrights must be at the bottom of your article.
# If you include a REPRINT RIGHTS statement in your article, it must be at the BOTTOM of your article.
Some examples would be:
- Your Copyright statement Here - All Rights Reserved - Reprinted On KenpoTalk with Authors Permission
- Your Copyright statement Here - Reprinting Allowed Provided Article is Not Edited in Any Manner and All Links are Retained.
- Your Copyright statement Here - Reprinting Allowed Provided Article is shown with no changes and author information is included