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Thread: how do you do returning storm?

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    Talking how do you do returning storm?

    i know how i do it i was wondering how others do it and the reasoning for thier variation,just curious that's all.
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    Default Re: how do you do returning storm?

    Here's the list from the Reference Guide .. .

    Returning Storm (Front- Right Step-Through Round Club; Backhand Club)
    1. An attacker from 12 o'clock comes at you with a right step-through round club swing.

    2. Shuffle back with your left foot to 7:30 into a right neutral bow as you place both both hands at chest level. (This should get you into a Zone of Sanctuary and cause the swing to go past you. They counter by reversing their swing into a backhand club strike.

    3. Step your left foot forward to 1:30 into a left neutral bow as you a left forearm strike to your attacker's right elbow and a right forearm strike to your attacker's right wrist.

    4. Instantly grab your attacker's arm and push out with your left while pulling with your right as you step your right foot to 10:30 into a left neutral bow facing 4:30.

    5. Execute a right front kick to your attacker' right ribs. (Your right hand will go back to cock for the final strike.)

    6. As you land forward into a right neutral bow facing 4:30 execute a right rising back knuckle to your attacker's face.

    7. Cross out to 12 o'clock.
    I do this a bit differently. The attack I learned for this is an overhead club strike, transitioning to a backhanded club strike.

    At step 2 - rather than a shuffle, I step back toward 7:30 with my left foot, and turn (almost) to a forward bow to 7:30 ... This gets me out of the way of the incoming overhead strike.

    At step 4 - I continue to move on the 7:30 - 1:30 line with a complete step through with my right to 1:30. This represents an extra 90 degrees of rotation on the attacker. The attacker is usually, almost falling over from the torque in this move.

    At step 5 - We execute a non-committed knee strike to the attacker's ribs; landing with our foot back.

    At step 6 - we strike the attackers face with a thrust of the club, if we can extricate it from his grasp; if not a backfist works.

    Although, I don't necessarily agree with the statement, we refer to this technique as the 'Four Wall' technique. During the execution, we should face all four walls (personally, I think we move past the 6 O'clock wall.) We do rotate clockwise from 12, through 3, to 9 at the end of the technique.

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    Default Re: how do you do returning storm?

    You mean, "Reversing the Storm"? (this one's for you, Rich). The path is the reverse of the attack, as opposed to being a returning path. So the tech appears to be misnamed. But I suppose we'll keep doing it anyway.

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    Default Re: how do you do returning storm?

    Hi Jason,

    Good post.

    I teach the first move as a shuffle to a right reverse bow to 8 o’clock (zone of sanctuary) with the left hand high and the right one low. As the club returns, I step in with my left foot to about 2 o'clock to block the backhand strike with double forearm strikes. The leg check with my left knee and left arm break are both fulcrums. I then use the spiraling staircase effect (as also used in Sleeper) to help take the opponent toward the ground. I try to borrow the force of this spiraling staircase effect to maximize the force of my right front instep kick to the midsection as the opponent is bent over. I then finish with a right lifting back knuckle strike.
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    Default Re: how do you do returning storm?

    We call this one "Dance of the Mongoose" under the Tracy parlance.

    We do this for a downward forehand diagonal slash, we enter as we step our left foot to 10:30 as we duck, hands in a high gaurd. Step right foot to 1:30/3:00 (depending on where your opponent is). Double forearm block at the base of the tricep and the wrist. The finish is pretty much the same, but after the front kick, step back with the right (instead of planting forward) with an arm break as you strip the club out.

    Most Tracy schools step back on the initial attack, we do it different for some reason. I prefer this, it gets us in deeper than the step back variation, deep enough that if the guy shortens his arc on the backhand swing, you don't get a stick across the forearms. Also, the when you step to 7:30 your left foot receives additional weight, making the takeoff for your entry harder.

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