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Thread: What if

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBunny View Post
    Really? I love that it is fractured... different people, different takes, different implementation and points of view allow for constant reevaluation on even the simplest of topics.

    It's fantastic...

    Particularly when you all finally come to the inevitable conclusion that I am right.

    Follow the bunny...

    Don't worry ... the fall down the rabbit hole... it's good for you...
    The popular commercial version of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate was designed from the ground up to be fractured by students. When you have an approach whose central theme is "Tailoring," how could you not get individual fractures by design. The problem is many so-called Kenpo people want it both ways. They want the sanctity and security identity of an unbending "style" to justify their positions and ranks, but with the flexibility to execute what feels comfortable to the individual and do what they like and still get promoted. Unfortunately, while this may breed some decent self defense students, every time anyone of these people pass "tailored information" to someone else, the "style" dies to the point it is only superficially recognizabe. Mr. Parker knew this and so Ed Parker's kenpo Karate was designed to benefit the student at the expense of the system, not in support of it. EPKK is not a style but instead a "systematic" methodology of training in a suggested outline curriculum. Therefore, the system is naturally fluid and can only be judged from the individuals perspective as to its effectiveness or lack thereof. A student may study for years dysfunctional techniques and methodologies and be perfectly fine with it, while others may seek more and may or may not get it.
    "Nothing is more dangerous than the conscientiously ignorant, or the sincerely stupid." - Martin Luther King Jr.

    "Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens." - Ed Parker Sr.

    "It's much easier to quote, than to know." - Ron Chapél

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