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Thread: Form 6 for review

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    Default Form 6 for review

    I'll put this out here for a little bit.

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    Default Re: Form 6 for review

    Love it man. Thanks for sharing. Man that form just goes on and on doesn't it? Nice lookin space too. That's a big floor.

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    Default Re: Form 6 for review

    So you are a second degree black belt working on your form six for your next promotion? If this is a correct observation your intentions are to tighten up some things and the video is a skeletal version and the sequences are now to the point where you want to add definition and precision...

    My first reccomendation:

    Posture aka known as erect carriage in the II at particular places in the form.

    1. 0:20 your spine is not straight and is making your movement look laborous
    2. 0:26 you raise up what looks to be 5 inches... lower it to 1 or less
    3. 0:30 Your head is cocked to the side, again that reduces ease of movement.

    Lastly I reccomend you look at my post on fingerset... When we analyze your solo movements the evaluation is based on your strikes in relation to the opponent who is your exact height.
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    Default Re: Form 6 for review

    Quote Originally Posted by michaeledward View Post
    I'll put this out here for a little bit.
    Knowing the origin of the form and having the original transcript, I will not nit pick because the form itself is flawed and in many instances asks the practitioner to do things that are mechanically unsound, so any deficiency I will lay on instruction. What I do see is a student with a genuine effort to get things right, to execute with precision, and move as taught. I see real energy, and effort, and place that head and shoulders above many others attempts at what is a complex and challenging interpretation of "Form 6." I will, as always criticize the form, but not your effort at execution sir. Not bad at all.
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    Default Form 6 for review

    Nice, Mike! Thanks for posting that.
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