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Thread: Members In Motion Policies

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    Default Members In Motion Policies

    We'd like this to be a fun exchange. A place to share some video of ourselves training. Unless asked, please do not "pick apart" things. Some friendly critisism is always welcome, but no one wants to be torn to shreads. It takes alot of guts to put a clip or clips of yourself up, so please be considerate.

    Here are the ground rules:
    - Clips must be of yourself. It can include others, but you must be the subject. (2 man sets you should be 1 of 2.)
    - When posting, give some background. Let us know a little bit about what was happening.
    - Be polite. "Turn your fist out a little more" is good. "Thats pure crap" is not.
    - For those linking to off-site clips, please verify the link works.
    - Please specify File Type, and Size. (Exp Quicktime, 3MB)
    - Have Fun.

    If you need a place to host your video clips, please contact me. I would be happy to provide the storage and bandwidth, in exchange for allowing KenpoTalk to add the clip to the video library.

    As usual, any questions, ask away.
    For ANY and ALL KenpoTalk issues, please use theContact Us link here or at page bottom right. Do NOT PM me for site support.

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    Default Re: Members In Motion Policies

    This forum is for YOUR videos of YOURSELF doing Kempo/Kempo. Any other video clips belong in the Kenpo General Forum.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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