Unfurling Crane (Front- Left and Right Punch)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a left punch.

2. Step your left foot back into a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as you execute a right outward block to the inside of your attacker's punch while your left hand positionally checks low.

3. Your attacker throws a right punch.

4. Shuffle forward as you execute a left outward block to the inside of your attacker's right punch simultaneous with a right downward outward hammerfist to your attacker's groin.

5. Execute a left inward overhead claw to your attacker's face. Using your left claw to obscure the next strike, roll your hammerfist up and execute a right rolling backfist to your attacker's face.

6. Strike down again to your attacker's groin with a right hammerfist. (Your left hand will check high.)

7. Execute a right obscure elbow under your attacker's jaw. Continue the path of travel and convert it to an upward five finger claw to your attacker's face. Simultaneous with this motion, execute a left palm strike to your attacker solar plexus and a right front scoop kick to your attacker's groin. (When finished, your right leg should be in the air and your right hand cocked over your head.)

8. Execute a right knife-edge kick to your attacker right knee simultaneous with a right inward handsword to the left side of the neck.

9. Land in a right front crossover and cross out to 7:30.