Unfolding the Dark (Right Rear Flank- Left Step-Through Punch)
1. An attacker at 4:30 comes at you with a left step-through punch.

2. Hop onto your left leg to 10:30 as you rotate clockwise and execute a right knife-edge kick to your attacker's left knee.

3. Plant your right foot to 4:30, gauge with your left foot, and execute a right rear kick to your attacker's left ribs. Land towards 4:30 into a right inverted neutral bow.

4. Without hesitation, execute a left stiff-leg sweep counterclockwise to sweep to the outside your attacker's left leg so as to have you attacker lean backwards.

5. Conclude the sweep into a left reverse bow. Pivot into a left neutral bow facing 4:30 as you simultaneously execute a left backfist to your attacker's left kidney. (This action should have your attacker lean even further back.)

6. Immediately drop into a left close kneel as you execute a right inward overhead downward hammerfist to your attacker's sternum. (Your left arm will check at your attacker's left arm.)

7. With your attacker now on the ground, execute a clockwise back-to-front switch and execute a right spinning back stomp kick to your attacker's face.

8. Right front crossover and cross out twice towards 1:30.