Twisted Twig (Front- Wrist Lock)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock locks your right wrist.

2. Step your right foot to 12 o'clock as you relieve the pressure on your right wrist with your left hand. As you step into a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock, execute a right upward elbow your attacker's chin.

3. Execute a right forearm strike to the outside of your attacker's right arm as you pivot into a horse stance facing 9 o'clock.

4. Pivot back into a right neutral bow as you execute a right outward elbow to your attacker's solar plexus.

5. Utilize marriage of gravity and pivot into a right reverse bow as you execute a right back hammerfist to your attacker's groin.6. Execute a right rear scoop kick and cross out towards 7:30.