The Back Breaker (Right Flank- Right Step-Through Punch)
1. An attacker at 3 o'clock comes at you with a right step-through punch.

2. Step your right foot to 1:30 as you execute a left inward parry to the outside of your attacker's wrist followed by a right outward parry to the outside of your attacker's right elbow.

3. Step to 1:30 with your left foot as your right hand grabs your attacker's right shoulder. Pivot so as your left hand grabs the back of your attacker's left shoulder.

4. Immediately step your right foot back to 1:30 into a left neutral bow as you pull with both of your arms. Execute a right knee kick to your attacker's lower spine as you anchor your elbows in.

5. Land back to 1:30 into a left neutral bow as you increase your pull to cause your attacker to strike his upper spine on your left knee.

6. Grab your attacker's chin with your right hand as your left hand goes to the right side of their head. Twist your attacker's head clockwise, possibly breaking your attacker's neck.

7. Reverse the motion of your right hand and execute a right inward handsword to the bridge of your attacker's nose.

8. Execute two downward backfists to your attacker's left and right humorous (right to right; left to left)

9. As soon as the strikes land, step your left foot to 1:30 into a right close kneel as you execute two claws to your attacker's face.

10. Pivot counterclockwise into a right reverse close kneel as the right side of your foot strikes your attacker's right jaw hinge.

11. Execute a right heel stomp to your attacker's right shoulder. (This is done without lifting your right foot.)

12. Cross out to 1:30.