Taming the Mace (Front- Right Step-Through Punch)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a right step-through punch.

2. Step your left foot to 11 o'clock as you execute a left inward parry to the outside of your attacker's punch. As you settle into the stance, execute a right inward handsword to your attacker's right biceps.

3. Execute a right backfist to your attacker's temple as your left hand grabs your attacker's right wrist.

4. Grab your attacker's right shoulder with your right hand and anchor your elbows and hug close. This will cancel your attacker's height and depth zones.

5. Step your left foot back to 4:30. Pivot counterclockwise and slam your attacker against the wall.

6. As your attacker hits the wall, simultaneously execute a right knee strike to your attacker's groin with a right inward elbow strike to your attacker's throat.

7. Land back into a left neutral bow. Pull your left foot to your right and pivot, executing a right rear kick to your attacker.

8. Cross out to 10:30.