Spiraling Twig (Rear- Bear Hug; Arms Free)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock grabs you in a bear hug, yet leaves your arms free.

2. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock into a horse stance facing 12 o'clock as you execute simultaneous middle knuckle strikes directly down onto your attacker's hands.

3. Grab your attacker's right wrist with both of your hands. As you do so, lock your arms tight against your body to prevent any action from your attacker.

4. Step your left foot to 1:30 into a front crossover. Immediately spiral to 1:30 with your right foot. You should land in a left neutral bow facing 7:30.

5. As you spiral into this left neutral bow, your hands maintain their position in front of you. As you turn into the left neutral bow, your right elbow should utilize rotational force and turn them over so your attacker is doubled over in front of you.

6. Execute a right rising front kick to your attacker's solar plexus.

7. Land in a right neutral bow as you execute a right rising back knuckle to your attacker's face.

8. Cross out towards 1:30.