Reprimanding the Bears (Two Man: Front- Right Punch; Rear- Bear Hug, Arms Pinned)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock (attacker #2) grabs you in a bear hug pinning your arms while an attacker at 12 o'clock (attacker #1) comes at you with a right step-through punch.

2. Step your left foot to 9 o'clock into a wide horse stance as you pin attacker #2's hands with your left hand. As your left foot settles into the stance, execute a right front kick to attacker #1's groin simultaneous with a right back hammerfist to the groin of attacker #2.

3. From the point of contact on the right kick, land in a right reverse bow towards 7:30 buckling the inside of attacker #2's left leg. Simultaneous with the buckle, execute a right downward palm strike to attacker #2's groin. (The strike becomes a squeeze.)

4. Execute a right backfist to attacker #2's face over your right shoulder.

5. Circle your right arm counterclockwise grabbing the right side of attacker #2's neck while your left hand grabs the left side over your right shoulder. Pull and force your attacker's head down. Execute a right knee kick up to your attacker's face, sandwiching attacker #2's head.

6. From the right knee strike, land in a right front crossover as you execute a left knife-edge kick to the sternum of attacker #1. Land forward into a left neutral bow.

7. Immediately execute a right rear crossover as you execute a left backfist to the face of attacker #1. Settle into a right rear twist stance.

8. Execute a right front kick to the chest of attacker #2.

9. Land in a right rear crossover and execute a left rear kick to the stomach of attacker #1.

10. Land in a front crossover and cross out towards 9 o'clock.