Parting Wings (Front- Two-Hand Push)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock pushes you with both hands.

2. Step back to 6 o'clock with your right foot so you are in a left neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as you execute a right and left extended outward block at the same time (palms open) to clear away your attacker's arms.

3. Shift into a forward bow as you execute a right palm heel strike your attacker's ribs. [Your left hand should rake across your attacker's eyes and become a check at your chin and prepare form the next strike.]

4. Shift back into a left neutral bow as you execute a left outward handsword. (Your right hand should be in a ready position for the next strike.)

5. Shift back into your forward bow as you execute a right middle-knuckle strike to your attacker's solar plexus. (Your left hand will act as a check clearing your attacker's arms and creating a path to strike.)

6. Cross out towards 6 o'clock.