Locking Horns (Front- Headlock)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock wraps you in a front headlock with their right arm choking.

2. Breath. (Tuck your chin to the left and against your chest.) Grab your attacker's right hand with your left hand to breath a little easier as you step your right foot to 12 o'clock in a right wide kneel and simultaneously execute a right reverse handsword up into the groin.

3. Execute a left outward handsword to your attacker's right knee as your right hand maintains a check on your attacker's right arm.

4. Execute a right hammerfist to your attacker's left knee as your left hand returns to maintain a check on your attacker's right arm.

5. Execute a right obscure elbow to your attacker's body, contouring up and striking through your attacker's jaw.

6. Execute a right downward diagonal inward elbow strike as you execute a left palm strike to your attacker's face.

7. Cross out to 7:30.