Leaping Crane (Front- Right Step-Through Punch)
1. An attacker from 12 o'clock comes at you with a right step-through punch.

2. Hop towards 10:30 into a transitory one-leg stance as you simultaneously execute a left inward parry to your attacker's right arm and a right inward raking middle knuckle strike to your attacker's right ribs.

3. Immediately execute a right knife-edge kick to attacker's right knee.

4. Land in a right neutral bow facing 1:30 utilize marriage of gravity as you execute a right back fist to your attacker's spine.

5. Take advantage of their reaction. Grab your attacker's right shoulder with your left shoulder and hold them in place as you execute a right inward elbow to your attacker's head.

6. Cross out towards 7:30.