Glancing Wing (Front- Left Uppercut)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a left uppercut.

2. From a right neutral bow, simultaneously execute a right inward block diagonally down onto the punch as you execute a left vertical punch to your attacker's face.

3. Without hesitation, hook your left hand down and out in a clockwise motion to the outside of your attacker's left arm as you execute a right punch to your attacker's left ribs.

4. Step your left foot to 4:30 into a right neutral bow facing 10:30 as your left hand hooks to the back of your attacker's neck.

5. With your attacker bending over, execute a right inward downward punch that becomes a forearm and elbow strike to the left side of your attacker's face.

6. Cross out to 4:30.