Glancing Spear (Front- Right Direct Wrist Grab to Left Arm)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock grabs your left hand with their right hand.

2. Step your right foot back to 6 o'clock into a transitory left neutral bow as you have your right hand (palm down) circle clockwise under your attacker's right wrist, pinning it, as you turn your left hand palm up. With this action, pivot into a left reverse bow as you pull your attacker's arms diagonally down past your right hip. As you settle into the reverse bow, grab your attacker's right wrist with your right hand.
3. Pivot into a left neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as you execute a left outward elbow strike to your attacker's lower right ribs.

4. Pivot into a left forward bow facing 12 o'clock as you use a left check on top of your attacker's right arm and glance your right arm off your attacker's right arm, executing a right finger thrust to your attacker's eyes.

5. Step your left foot to 4:30 into a cross over as sweep your attacker's right leg in the process.

6. Pivot clockwise as you execute a right outward backfist to your attacker's kidney. Let this pass through and then reverse to a right ridge-hand as you execute a right stiff-legged sweep to the back of your attacker's right leg to 4:30. You should be settled into a left forward bow facing 10:30 while your attacker is on the ground.

7. Execute a right downward looping round kick to your attacker's chest.

8. Cross out.