Glancing Lance (Front- Right Shuffle Knife Thrust)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a right shuffling knife thrust.

2. Step your right foot to 7:30 into a left neutral bow as you get out of the line of attacker. Execute a right outward hand sword to the outside of your attacker's right wrist. Immediately after you strike the right wrist, seize the wrist and execute a left palm strike to the outside of your attacker's right elbow.

3. Execute a right front kick to your attacker's groin. (When kicking, maintain control of your attacker's right hand so as they do pull back and slice you up.)

4. As you land forward into a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock, have your right leg buckle and check the inside of your attacker's right leg while you execute a right two-finger inward hook to your attacker's eyes. (Your left hand should be maintaining the check on your attacker's right arm.)

5. Hop your left foot to 9 o'clock into a one-leg stance as you execute a right outward downward parry to the outside of your attacker's right elbow. As you parry, execute a right palm strike to your attacker's right shoulder.

6. Execute a right knife edge kick to the outside of your attacker's right knee.

7. Land into a right neutral bow between your attacker's legs as you simultaneously finish the loop of the downward parry and execute a right inward palm claw to your attacker's face. (Your left hand will slide from his shoulder to his arm to check it.)

8. Anchor your right elbow using it and your forearm to check down your attacker's back and arm; all the while your right hand wrenching back on their neck and face.

9. Execute a left middle-knuckle strike to the back of your attacker's head.

10. Move your left hand to check on your attacker's shoulder as you execute a right inward elbow to the side of your attacker's head.

11. Cross out to 9 o'clock.