Falling Falcon (Front- Right Direct Lapel Grab)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock grabs your lapel with their right hand.

2. Step your right foot to 12 o'clock into a right neutral bow to the outside of your attacker's leg as your left hand pins your attacker's right grabbing hand as you simultaneously execute a right upward elbow to your attacker's right shoulder.

3. Convert the forward momentum into rotational force as you pivot counterclockwise into a right reverse bow as your elbow forces your attacker to fall over your right leg and go to the ground.

4. As your attacker falls (with their head to 6 o'clock) maintain control of your attacker's right wrist. As your attacker makes contact with the ground, pivot into a left reverse bow as your right hand twists your attacker's wrist clockwise and you execute a left underhand palm strike to break your attacker's elbow.

5. Execute a left knee strike to your attacker's elbow. From point of contact, execute a left knife-edge kick to the right side of your attacker's neck. (As you kick, pull on your attacker's right arm; you may just be able to dislocate it.)

6. Have your left hand circle inside your attacker's right arm as you plant your left foot to 5 o'clock. Immediately pivot into a left forward bow as you have your left hand grab your attacker's wrist and twist it counterclockwise.

7. Execute a right slicing kick (using your right outer shin) to strike to the back of your attacker's right elbow. Your foot will strike your attacker's back and pass through.

8. Reverse the motion of your right kick and execute a right heel scoop to your attacker's right kidney or ribs.

9. Execute a right downward looping round kick to your attacker's solar plexus.

10. Execute a right front crossover sweep of your attacker's right arm as you cross out to 4:30.