Fallen Cross (Rear- Two-Hand Choke)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock chokes you with both their hands.

2. Step your left foot to 9 o'clock into a horse stance facing 12 o'clock as you directly grab both of your attacker's wrists with your hands. (Right to right, left to left.)

3. Step your right foot 10:30 into a transitional right neutral bow as you turn your head counterclockwise. Pivot into a left neutral bow facing 4:30 as you cross your attacker's arms at or above the elbows. As you do this, jerk down to cancel their height zones.

4. Execute a right knee kick up to your attacker's elbows. Extend your right leg into a right front kick to your attacker's groin.

5. Land forward into a right neutral bow facing 4:30 as you execute a right inward elbow to your attacker's left jaw hinge.

6. Cross out.