Falcons of Force (Two-Man; Flank- Left and Right Shoulder Grabs)
1. An attacker at 9 o'clock grabs your left shoulder with their right hand while an attacker at 3 o'clock grabs your right shoulder with their left hand.

2. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock into a horse stance towards your attacker at your right flank (Attacker #1). As you step, pin your attacker's left hand with your left hand to your right shoulder as you simultaneously execute a right outward hand sword to your attacker's throat.

3. Without hesitation, step your right foot to 10:30 into a right neutral bow as your left hand checks attacker #2's right hand. Pivot into a left neutral bow facing 7:30 as you execute a left outward hand sword to attacker #2.

4. Attacker #1 returns to the scene throwing a right step-through punch at your head.

5. Step your left foot to 10:30 into a right neutral bow facing 4:30 as you execute a right inward block to the inside of your attacker's right arm.

6. Execute a right front snap kick to the groin of attacker #1.

7. Land forward with your right foot and execute a left rear crossover and execute a right rear kick to the solar plexus of attacker #2.

8. From the kick, land your right foot to 1:30 into a right front crossover. Unwind and change your angle of departure so you are in a left neutral bow facing 6 o'clock.

9. Survey.

10. With attacker #1 still in range and still standing, execute a right spinning stiff-leg sweep to attacker #1's right leg. Finish your sweeping action in a left neutral bow facing 6 o'clock.

11. Survey.

12. Cross out to 10:30.