Escape from Death (Rear- Right Arm Choke)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock chokes you with their right arm.

2. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock into a horse stance facing 12 o'clock as you turn your head to the left to tuck your chin while your right hand grabs your attacker's right wrist. As you settle into your stance, pull down on your attacker's right wrist as you execute a left back elbow strike to your attacker's solar plexus. Immediately execute a left back hammerfist to your attacker's groin.

3. Step your left leg around and behind your attacker's right leg to 7:30 as you drop into a left close kneel as you deliver a right hammerfist to your attacker's groin and a left hammerfist to your attacker's left kidney.

4. Circle your left hand over your attacker's right shoulder and grab hold of the hair or philtrim. [Use this to fulcrum your attacker's head back, using the shoulder as the fulcrum point.]

5. Pivot into a left forward bow facing 7:30 as execute a palm strike to your attacker's face while executing a left sliding check down your attacker's right arm.

6. Execute a right knee strike to the outside of your attacker's right thigh.

7. Plant your right foot back to 1:30. Cross out.