Escape from Darkness (Left Rear Flank- Right Step-Through Punch)
1. An attacker at 7:30 comes at you with a right step-through punch.

2. Hop toward 1:30 onto your right foot into a transitional right one-leg stance and execute a left thrusting knife-edge kick to the outside of your attacker's right knee. (Your hands are positionally checking to your left.

3. Plant your left foot toward 7:30 (gauging for proper distance) and spin clockwise as you execute a right spinning stiff-leg sweep to the back of your attacker's right knee. (This should cause your attacker's right knee to buckle).

4. Pivot your upper body clockwise and plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow facing 7:30. Step your left foot to 7:30 into a left neutral bow as your right hand gravitationally checks your attacker's right shoulder with your left knee braces against your attacker's back. Simultaneously execute a left vertical punch to the right side of your attacker's jaw. (The force of your punch should carry your fist through, and in front of your attacker's face.)

5. With your left knee checking your attacker's back, reverse the motion of your left hand and execute a left outward claw across your attacker's face. Simultaneously execute a right inward downward diagonal hammerfist strike to the left side of your attacker's jaw. (This strike concludes with your right forearm dropping on top of and to the back your attacker's right shoulder to keep him in check.)

6. Slide your right foot clockwise to 4:30 into a left neutral bow facing 10:30 as your right hand (which is still to the left of your attacker's face) grabs under your attacker's jaw. As you pull with your right hand, execute a left heel palm strike to your attacker's right mastoid. (The simultaneous pull and strike is for the purpose of snapping your attacker's neck.)

7. Left front crossover, and cover out toward 4:30.

8. Survey.

9. With your attacker still on his knees execute a right rear crossover followed by a left hook kick to your attacker's face. (Your attacker should fall to the ground.)

10. From the point of contact of your kick, execute a left front crossover, and cross out to 4:30.