Entwined Lance (Front- Right Step-Through Knife Thrust)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a right step-through knife thrust.

2. From a left neutral bow facing 12 o'clock, shift your left foot slightly to 3 o'clock as you pivot into a left front rotating twist stance to get out of the line of attack. As you do so, execute a left outward hook to your attacker's right wrist. (Your right hand is cocked at your right hip.)

3. Grab your attacker's wrist as you step your right foot to 10:30 into a fighting horse stance to buckle to the inside of your attacker's right knee. Simultaneously execute a right palm strike to the right side of your attacker's jaw. (Hopefully your attacker drops the knife here.)

4. Execute a right front crossover sweep to the inside of your attacker's right leg as your right hand checks your attacker's right arm. Simultaneously execute a left two-finger poke to your attacker's eyes. (When the poke hits, you should be in a left one-legged stance.)

5. From your one-legged stance, execute a right knife-edge kick to the inside of your attacker's left knee.

6. Land forward in a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as your left poke returns to a left grab at your attacker's right wrist as you simultaneously execute a right backfist to your attacker's right ribs.

7. Execute a right upward flapping elbow to your attacker's chin.

8. Execute a right backfist to your attacker's face just before stepping your right foot to 4:30 into a left neutral bow facing 10:30. As you step back, use the residual torque of the backfist as you execute a left inward hammerfist to the back of your attacker's neck.

9. Cross out to 4:30.