Destructive Twins (Front- Two-Hand Lapel Grab; Pulling In)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock grabs your lapels with both hands and pulls in.

2. Step your right foot forward into a right neutral bow as you execute a 'U' punch towards 12 o'clock. [Your left hand should be striking at your attacker's face and your right hand striking at the groin.]

3. Shift your right foot towards 1:00 as you snake your left arm down between your attacker's arm (striking the left down and sliding under the right. Simultaneously strike up against your attacker's left elbow. Snake your left hand under your attacker's left arm. Execute a left outward block and chamber your right hand as you pivot into a right forward bow.

4. Execute a left hand spear towards your attacker's eyes.

5. Utilize torque and pivot into a horse stance facing 10:30 as you execute a right reverse punch to your attacker's ribs.

6. Step to 3 o'clock with your left foot into crossover. Unwind into a horse stance facing 6 o'clock as you pull your attacker through and execute a right upper-cut punch to their elbow.

7. Cross out towards 3 o'clock.