Defensive Cross (Front- Right Front Snap Kick)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you with a right snap kick.

2. Step back with your right foot to 6 o'clock into a left forward bow facing 12 o'clock as you execute a downward cross block on top of your attacker's right ankle. Convert your left hand into a downward outward hooking crane to force your attacker's leg outside and past your left hip.

3. Execute a right backfist to your attacker's right face as your left trails behind. Your right hand will travel through your attacker's face as you follow with a left inward overhead palm strike to your attacker's right jawbone.

4. Grab your attacker's hair with your left hand. Execute a right front kick to your attacker's groin. As you land back into your left forward bow, execute a right rising back knuckle to your attacker's face.

5. Slide your left foot back into a left cat stance as you twist your attacker's neck counterclockwise.

6. Execute a left front kick to your attacker's groin.

7. Plant and gauge your distance. Execute a right outward crescent kick that makes contact on its downside to the right side of your attacker's head. (This should cause your attacker to fall.)

8. Have you right kick pass through your attacker's head. Have it bounce off the ground and execute a right downward looping round kick to your attacker's face.

9. Cross out to 7:30.