Darting Mace (Front- Two-Hand Wrist Grab)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock grabs your right hand with both hands.

2. Step your left foot to 12 o'clock into a left neutral bow as you rotate your right wrist clockwise (so you are palm up) and execute a left ricocheting hammerfist to your attacker's wrists. Ricochet into a left backfist to your attacker's face.

3. Utilize marriage of gravity as you sink into your left neutral bow as you
execute a left downward forearm strike to your attacker's arms.

4. Pivot into a left forward bow as you execute a right vertical punch to your attacker's solar plexus.

5. Execute a right knee kick to your attacker's groin as you execute a left outward handsword to your attacker's throat.

6. Land in a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock as you execute a right palm strike (fingers pointing to 9 o'clock) to your attacker's face.

7. Cross out to 7:30.