Crushing Hammer (Rear- Bear Hug; Arms Pinned)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock grabs you in a bear hug and pins your arms in the process.

2. As your left hand pins your attacker's left hand, your right snaps in towards your right shoulder.

3. Step your left foot to 9 o'clock into a horse stance as you take advantage of marriage of gravity and execute a right back hammerfist to your attacker's groin.

4. Pull your right foot to your left into a transitional cat stance. As you do so, bring your right hand up as a waiter's hand / finger whip.

5. Step to 4:30 with your right foot into a right reverse bow as you simultaneously execute a right underhand claw to your attacker's groin.

6. Unwind, utilizing torque, as you pivot into a right forward bow facing 4:30. As you pivot, claw up with your right hand, possibly catching them in the chin with a right obscure elbow. Simultaneous with this action, execute a left palm strike to your attacker's right floating ribs.

7. Cross out towards 10:30.