Cross of Destruction (Rear- Two-Hand Choke)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock grabs your neck with both hands.

2. Step your left foot to 9 o'clock into a horse stance as you directly grab both of your attacker's hands with both of your hands (right to right and left to left).

3. Step your right foot behind your left to 7:30 into a left neutral bow facing 1:30 as you have your left hand cross your attacker's left arm over their right arm. [During this, your left arm pushes and your right arm pulls, making your attacker's right leg stumble forward.]

4. Execute a right front snap kick to the inside of your attacker's right knee.

5. Land in a right neutral bow facing 1:30 as you push out on your right to cause your attacker's left arm to break against their own right arm.

6. Cross out towards 7:30.