Crashing Wings (Rear- Bear Hug; Arms Free)
1. An attacker at 6 o'clock grabs you in a bear hug leaving your arms free.

2. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock into a horse stance facing 12 o'clock as you execute right and left outward overhead elbows down on top of your attacker's elbow joints to break the grab.

3. Step your left foot to 3 o'clock into a transitional cat stance as your right and left hands cock at your right hip. (This is done with left hand vertical, right hand beneath palm up.)

4. Circle your left foot behind your attacker's right leg into a left reverse bow.

5. Pivot into a left neutral bow towards 7:30 as you execute a left outward elbow to your attacker's face.

6. Continue to pivot into a left neutral bow facing 7:30 as you execute a right inward downward hammerfist to your attacker's bladder / groin area.

7. Pivot back into a left neutral bow, causing them to crash to the ground and cross out towards 12 o'clock.